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NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are digital assets that can represent real-world objects.

Unlike fungible tokens like Ethereum where each coin holds the same value, every NFT is distinct and non-interchangeable from another. Information on who owns an NFT is stored on a decentralised, publicly accessible digital database, making them traceable from their original creator to subsequent owners.

Because of these traits, NFTs excel as digital identifiers that record ownership.

The world is gradually realizing the value of NFTs.

Celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Shawn Mendes are riding this wave into the future, and so are major companies like Balenciaga and Nike.

Global NFT Market


15.7B USD



122.43B USD

But NFTs are still an emerging niche, and not all of these projects have been achieved the same success.

With our expertise, 2MR Labs can design and navigate the perfect NFT experience for your business.

NFT Use Cases

Providing a one-stop solution for your Web3 audience outreach.

NFTs for Music, Media, and Entertainment

Grow creator economies and promote artistic expression.

1. NFTs are giving rise to new forms of creative expression, like music-related digital art that displays and plays music differently depending on how users access it.

2. They also promise creatives a fairer share, while ensuring their creative work is protected from theft.

Reimagine fan experiences and strengthen loyalty.

1. NFTs offer a world of possibilities for sports organisations to engage with members. Tokenised loyalty programs can offer exclusive opportunities to meet and greet for top fans, and also gamify engagement to generate excitement for upcoming games.

2. For collectors, NFTs can also preserve memories of a special moment. While physical ticket stubs lose certain qualities over time due to wear and tear, a digital collectible remains in tip-top condition. As NFTs are distinct and non-interchangeable, they also deter potential ticket fraud.

NFT for Sports Organisation

NFT for Art and Luxury Goods

Safeguard authenticity and create new revenue streams.

1. As unique digital identifiers, NFTs can prove authenticity and serve as proof of certification for high-end luxury products. Being on the blockchain also makes a luxury product’s provenance more transparent. This speeds up the authentication process, and opens up more opportunities for selling on the secondary market quicker.

2. To date, luxury brands are seeing strong demand for branded NFTs. These collectibles offer additional value for luxury fans, and also give them access to exclusive benefits and experiences.

Increase operational efficiency and foster trust.

1. For banks, the ability for smart contracts to be bundled together with an NFT makes them powerful tools for covering an array of transactions. Since smart contracts automatically execute when specified conditions are met, this enhances bank operational efficiency.

2. NFTs can also be used to encode ownership information. Once payments have been completed, the NFT can be transferred over from lender to buyer automatically.

NFT for Banking

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NFT Launchpad

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Finding a personalised NFT solution can be tricky. We provide from end-to-end: Creation, Launch, Management and Post-Sales.



NFT Series Creation

Go white label with us — customise and set up your NFT project for your brand.

NFT Project Management

Smart contract, cold wallets, storage and more — be guided with our expertise.

Community Development

Use the power of digital assets and collectibles — to grow your audience and connect with your supporters.

Business Model


1. Whitepaper Development

Inform holders and investors of NFT project's vision, concept, roadmap and key milestones.

2. Social Development

Building social platforms (Twitter, Instagram) for community engagement and digital presence.

3. Discord Management

Running Discord channel to boost community interaction and release news.

4. NFT Smart Contract Development

Developing Smart Contracts — Deployment, Verification and Audit.

5. NFT Minting Management

Integrating wallet interface with minting website for seamless transaction.

6. NFT Post-launch

Providing guidance in post-launch areas —collaboration, Tokenomics and sales strategy.

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