Solana Mobile: The Novel Approach to Crypto-Mobile Technology

| Solana’s Web3 Mobile: Saga

On June 23rd, Solana’s co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko announced the impending launch of Solana Labs’ Web3 smartphone, Saga. Shortly after, news coverage, tweets and opinion pieces flooded the net.

No doubt, an eminent question from many would be: Why the big fuss over another Android-powered mobile phone? Here is how we think this piece of technology sets itself apart from others.

| Saga is expected to have several Web3 features that may make it popular with crypto natives:

  1. The Solana dApp store, a Web3 decentralised application store that will run alongside an Android app store, Solana Pay, which facilitates QR-code blockchain payments,
  2. A “Seed Vault” that will store seed phrases securely on the phone, and
  3. The Solana Mobile Stack (SMS), a developer kit for Web3 programs where software designers can use SMS to create Android apps compatible with the Solana blockchain.

| So, why is Saga an important advancement in the Crypto world?

Secure transactions in cryptocurrency. Hassle-free management of digital assets. Wider access to De-Fi protocols. Seamless integration all into the Solana network ecosystem. These perks are all hugely exciting in the Crypto-Mobile space, and signifies a big step taken forward in rewriting Web3 experience on mobile.

With enhanced mobile experience and greater accessibility of cryptographic products from mobile devices, the world can also expect a wider adoption of Web3 as a whole.

“Developers have been blocked for too long from creating truly decentralised mobile apps because the existing gatekeeper model just doesn't work anymore,” Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko expressed his concern in a release, adding: “SMS is a new window to the future of Solana and the Web3 space, one that is “open source, secure, optimised for Web3, and easy to use.”

Solana’s new device is expected to cost $1,000 upon release, and is available for pre-order now with a $100 deposit. Those who pre-order the phone will also be entitled to a limited edition NFT ‘Saga Pass’ to commemorate the launch of the device.

| Influence of Solana Mobile News

The news announcement of Solana’s new device caused a commotion, as the price of SOL jumped 10 percent, to nearly $40 per coin. In the last couple months, Solana has also been the centre of attention in the crypto news, attaining large-scaled projects and attracting exclusive partnerships. Just two weeks back, Solana pledged to invest $100 million in South Korea’s Web3 ecosystem, specifically in the blockchain gaming industry. Not dubbed for the “Ethereum Killer” for nothing.

Unquestionably, Solana’s dynamic presence has impacted the Web3 space. We believe that in time to come, more technological advancements will be served to the table. No one can ascertain the future of the new technology, but it certainly is a novel way of solving some lingering problems in crypto-mobile technology.

Stay tuned to this space for more exciting news!

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