Heliconia Capital And SpaceChain Coming Onboard As Partners

| Heliconia Capital Joins as Partner To Integrate Web3 Into Southeast Asia

Heliconia Capital, an investment firm and a subsidiary of Temasek Holdings, has joined hands with Zee Zheng of SpaceChain to be the founding partners of 2MR Labs. Together, we will integrate Web3 technology into Southeast Asia companies, maximising their potential to the fullest. With an expansive network of companies under Heliconia in the Southeast Asia region, 2MR Labs will be at the forefront of onboarding companies into the Web3 space.

| Partnering with SpaceChain To Equip Us With Blockchain Expertise


We have recently joined hands together with Zee Zheng, an angel investor and Co-founder & CEO of SpaceChain, who has recently been awarded Forbes 30 under 30 2022. Zee’s deep knowledge in blockchain and Web3 experience will ensure sustainable growth in the Web3 space.

| Launch of Seed Round Investment to Build Our Web3 Capabilities

We have recently launched a Seed Round investment to raise USD 5,000,000 to build our Web3 capabilities. Some areas include expanding our Web3 technology development resources, building on the Launchpad automation, and our NFT Marketplace (Upstairs). With these plans in place, we will be able to move towards launching top-tier IP NFTs together with our strategic partners. In addition, 2MR Labs will be partnering with more strategic partners and investors that will grow with us in this fast-paced Web3 space.

Visit http://www.heliconiacapital.com and https://spacechain.com to learn more about our partners!

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