2MR Labs Newsletter - June

Investors & Community Update

Investments and Partnerships

| Our Investments

Heliconia Capital, an investment firm and a subsidiary of Temasek Holdings, has joined hands with Zee Zheng of SpaceChain to be the founding partners of 2MR Labs. Together, we will transform SE Asia companies into Web3 companies, maximising their potential to the fullest. With an expansive network of companies under Heliconia in the SE Asia region, 2MR Labs will be at the forefront of onboarding companies into the Web3 space. Joining hands together with us is Zee Zheng, an angel investor and Co-founder & CEO of SpaceChain, who has recently been awarded Forbes 30 under 30 2022. Zee’s deep blockchain and Web3 domain experience equips us with expertise in both the blockchain and cyber security domains ensuring our sustainable growth in the Web3 space. (Click to learn more)

We have recently launched a Seed Round investment to raise USD 5,000,000 to build our Web3 capabilities. Some areas include expanding our Web3 technology development resources, building on the Launchpad automation, and our NFT Marketplace (Upstairs). With upgrades in place, we will be able to move towards launching top-tier IP NFTs together with our strategic partners. In addition, 2MR Labs will be partnering with more strategic partners and investors during the seed round that can grow with us in this fast-paced Web3 space.

| Strategic Partnerships

2MR Labs has partnered with XM Studios, a Singapore-based global design studio specializing in the creation of hand-crafted luxury collectibles and the owner of licenses to a range of more than 15 top IPs globally. It is recognized as one of the world’s best design houses in pop culture collectibles. This partnership opens up the potential for us to launch a range of NFT products from popular brands. In the next 12 months, 2MR Labs will be launching NFT collections from XM Studios’ franchise properties.

| Rebranding From “TRX Labs” To “2MR Labs”

To align our brand with our goal of becoming a dominant player in the Web3 space, we have rebranded from “TRX Labs” to “2MR Labs” which means Tomorrow Labs, empowering the future of SE Asia through Web3 technology.

Vision - Maximise potential through Web3 technology.

Mission - To build a sustainable Web3 ecosystem in Southeast Asia through blockchain technology to bring true value with our partners and community.

Armed with top talents with a strong track record of success in both the blockchain space and IRL events management, 2MR Labs envisions being a platform that empowers creators to launch their own NFT projects.

| 3 Core Products

  1. ZMAX - 2MR Labs’ premier NFT project that seeks to be the leader and pioneer in creating a bridge between the real-world and virtual world. (Click to learn more)
  2. Tomorrow Launchpad - Provides creators and brands with access to 2MR Labs’ full-suite of NFT backend support from whitepaper development, smart contract deployment, tokenomics creation, to NFT minting management, enabling creators and brands to achieve sustainable growth in the Web 3.0 ecosystem. (Click to learn more)
  3. Upstairs Marketplace - Built by a team of top talents with experience in the NFT space, Upstairs is an NFT Marketplace built in collaboration with our partners at Jenga BCG, a consultancy with expertise in blockchain and digital assets that have successfully empowered over 2000 fintech businesses worldwide. Upstairs will be the premier NFT marketplace from 2MR Labs with exclusive features and NFT collections built around premium IPs. With a plethora of features planned on our roadmap, Upstairs will seek to be the top NFT marketplace in the SEA region.

| Launch Of Zombie Max (ZMAX)

Our Premier NFT project, Zombie Max (ZMAX), has officially launched! Seeking to bridge the gap between real life and the virtual world, ZMAX is a Picture for Proof (PFP) NFT that rewards holders with a variety of virtual and physical rewards. The roadmap is currently making good progress with plans for real-life events like the Zombie Run, Virtual Zombie Clubhouse Metaverse, and Move-To-Earn (M2E) Game. The nature of the gamified ecosystem will allow end-users to foster deep relationships with the ZMAX community, and promote an active lifestyle.

Our OG and Whitelist sale was launched on 12th May to much fanfare at a mint price of 0.055 ETH. As of now, 25% of the total supply has already been minted! Following that, Public Sale will be launched at the end of June exclusively on the Upstairs marketplace. Demand is expected to continue to rise as holders recognise increasing utility in ZMAX NFTs. Stay tuned for further announcements as the team is working on bringing something special to our holders in the months to come!

Other 2MR Labs projects are also doing well with healthy trading volume despite the crypto winter. M Ape Kids Club (M1), Mutant Ape Kids Club (M2), Bored Ape Teen Club (BATC), and Zombie Max (ZMAX) have a combined sales and trading volume of ~52 ETH. With the launch of our upcoming ZMAX public mint as well as improvements in market sentiments, trading volume in the upcoming months is expected to be on the rise.

🛣️  The Road Ahead:

In June we plan to,

  • Kickstart our seed round investment
  • Launch of Upstairs NFT marketplace
  • Launch new NFTs from popular IPs with XM Studios
  • Thaddybear charity NFT project (Click to learn more)


Signing off,

Arthur Lin & Rex Teo

Co-founders of 2MR Labs

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