2MR Labs Newsletter - August

Investors & Community Update


2MR Labs is making promising progress in our Seed Investment Round and is on track to secure USD$6million in funding. Having secured our first lead strategic investor Nathaniel Kwek (CEO of Sushi Express) within the first week of our Seed Investment Round, 2MR Labs continues to attract institutional interest from Venture Capitals and Angel Investors.

2MR Labs has secured a strategic investment from Ricky Ow, Ex-President of WarnerMedia Entertainment Networks (APAC). With wide networks spanning 42 countries, this partnership will expand our access to popular IPs, enabling us to lead the Web3 transformation of entertainment and media brands.

We are also pleased to have secured a strategic investment from Winston Lee, Director of Special Projects at PropertyGuru Group. This partnership will give 2MR Labs access to wide networks in the Proptech and Real Estate industry. With increasing use cases and applications of NFTs, 2MR Labs will be leading the digital transformation in the property sector through our Web3 expertise.

We will continue to partner with strategic investors and venture partners to grow with us in this fast-paced Web3 space.

Our First Event - Project Future with Culture Cartel

Project Future: Culture Cartel X 2MR Labs, an immersive NFT and collectibles exhibition, was held from 9 Aug 2022 to 14 Aug 2022. The six-days takeover at 313@somerset led to the transformation of a specially-curated NFT and collectibles open gallery, with interactive exhibitions, digital installations and collaborative showcases.

| Preview of ZMAX Zombie Army NFT

ZMAX Zombie Army Display on New World NFT Gallery Screen

A sneak preview of 2MR Labs’ portfolio NFT project, ZMAX Zombie Army is displayed at the event. These meticulously crafted 3D digital art animations will grant holders participation in real-world activities while fostering active and social communities all around the world. Be sure to catch the launch of Zombie Army!

| XM Studios Collectibles Display and Metaverse Teaser

XM Studios Latest Collectibles Display
XM Studios Metaverse Teaser

XM Studios, a Singapore-based homegrown producer of hand-crafted collectables, displayed some of its latest releases of art statue collectables. The global award-winning design studio has also released its ‘Heading Into The Metaverse’ teaser, keeping us excited about their plans ahead.

| Limited Edt X Adidas Singapore Vanda NFT and Forum Sneakers

Vanda NFT and Forum Sneakers Display
Limited Edt Singapore Forum Boxset Display
Vanda NFT Display

Limited Edt Singapore, will be launching its first-ever NFT collection titled ‘Vanda’, consisting of 60 unique digital art pieces in collaboration with Adidas Singapore. Launched on 20th Aug 2022, each NFT will be sold alongside an exclusive Limited Edt Singapore Forum box set, which includes a pair of sneakers, apparel, and an exclusive Singapore Forum collectable trading card. Minting of the Vanda NFT collection is now available on Opensea!

| Unveiling Heinekicks by Heineken

Heinekicks by Heineken Display

Heineken unveiled its limited edition Heinekicks sneakers at the event — the first-ever sneakers that lets you “Walk on Beer”. This pair of innovative beer-injected shoes was designed by celebrated sneaker virtuoso Dominic Ciambrone, also known as ‘The Shoe Surgeon’, as part of the launch of Heineken® Silver. 7 out of the 32 pairs were available for viewing exclusively at Limited Edt Vault, 313@Somerset at Project Future. Follow closely for the launch details!

NFT Launches

| Release of Culture Cartel Genesis NFT Series

Culture Cartel Genesis NFT Series

Two well-known, Singapore-based custom tattoo artists, Augustine Nezumi, founder of Singapore Electric Studio and Frankie Sexton of Singapore Electric Studio, have combined their artistry and distinctive style of Irezumi and anime respectively to design and combine both tattoo styles into the highly-anticipated series of NFTs christened ‘Culture Cartel Genesis’. This collaborative series will encompass 100 numbered artworks, with each purchase entitling the customer a FREE Culture Cartel 2022 VIP ticket worth S$250; the first functional utility of many that the public can expected from the roadmap. The series is launched for mint on 11th Aug 2022 on Opensea, Looksrare and X2Y2 at 0.1ETH.

💭 Industry Insights

| Ethereum Merge

After several weeks of hostile critics, the overall cryptocurrency market saw some relief in the month of August. The biggest driving factor behind the recent spike was the confirmation of the Ethereum merge, which led to a relief rally of ETH and various Altcoins. The rally began in late July after confirmation of the long-awaited merge upgrade to occur in September, which will see Ethereum move from its current “proof-of-work” system to a more efficient “proof-of-stake” system. With this upgrade, the scalability and efficiency of Ethereum will increase, giving NFTs a positive outlook in the current climate.

| NFT Trading Volume Remains Steady in August

The Average Daily Trading Volume of NFTs across the top 3 marketplaces remained steady in the months of July and August, trading at an Average Daily Volume of USD 35M. As the Ethereum merge approaches, further positive sentiments can be expected.

| X2Y2 Solidifies itself as the Market Leader

Riding on positive sentiments from the Ethereum merge announcement, the total NFT trading volume across all marketplaces surpassed 900K ETH (≈USD $1.3B) for the month of August, with x2y2 solidifying itself as the undisputed market leader with a market share of 43.8%.

The Road Ahead

In September, do look forward to,

  • Strategic Brand Partnerships to Launch Web3 Projects
  • Strategic Partnerships with Key Indo-Thai Partners
  • Seed Round Strategic Investments Deal

Visit our website and keep up to speed with us.


Signing off,

Arthur Lin

CEO, Co-Founder of 2MR Labs

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